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JAFI bozulanlar için tamir yöntemi

Başlatan Emir, 11 Kasım 2015, 16:11:04

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11 Kasım 2015, 16:11:04 Son düzenlenme: 11 Kasım 2015, 16:14:46 Emir
New Solution Repair JAF BOX and without resisters 330 and without remove chip LVC244A

Step 1: You have to find a stem LPT port cable as shown:

Just like on the Jack LPT port to attach to the back of the computer.

And on what it has stated that Jack LPT number from 1 to 25 feet (see wealth in'll see). And we only care about 4 feet.

No. 6 feet ..........( called SCK)
No. 7 foot ..............( called Mosi)
No. 9 feet ..............( called reset)
foot No. 10 ............( called miso)

As shown below:

Step 2: Open Box JAF and welding as Figure 1 below.

Step 3: View behind JAF BOX. using a scalpel and cut as shown in Figure 3 below.

Step 4: Connect the USB for the JAF Box to use GND and 5V Voltage

Step 5: Download: soft + Firmware of JAF box
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Step 6: Install PonyProg_V207c

Step 7: After installation is complete, we set up as shown below.

The steps to load and select the file you just need to conform to the video is 100% OK. The most important problem is the connection with JAF BOX LPT port only.
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